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Five Star Replacements Partners have over 30 years of combined experience in all Personal Lines and Commercial contents related services for both the insurer and the insured.

Our Five Stars of Successes:

1. Customer Service

2. Communication

3. Efficiency

4. Accuracy

5. Cost Reduction

Five Star Replacements Contents Evaluation and Replacement Services will handle Fire, Flood, Theft, and Vandalism.

Our focus is to listen to the details of what the insurance company needs and resolve all issues quickly to improve the efficiency of service & communication for everyone.

We offer assistance with each claim from beginning to end. Five Star Replacements understands what it means to suffer a personal loss or business interruption. We quickly type up any hand written list and review the details with the insured’s for accuracy.

The expertise, communication and precision of Like, Kind and Quality products guarantees the insured and adjuster will find confidence in our services. We accurately and quickly provide replacement of products and reduce overall cost to the insured’s and insurance company through our manufacture direct pricing and replacement program.

Our field experience and in depth knowledge in research and replacement allows us to properly evaluate equipment for repair or replacement. Five Star Replacements knows how important it can be for clients to receive service on their equipment from their local dealers. We can purchase locally through a negotiated discount directly from manufactures and provides sales credit for the local area dealer to ensure the local client relationship strengthens.

To receive professional assistance with detailed, efficient and accurate evaluations please contact the Five Star Team directly at 855-747-7855 or claims@fivestarreplacements.com and receive the service you expect today.

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The entire Five Star Replacements Team looks forward to working with you
and earning your business and respect
claims@fivestarreplacements.com * Phone: 855-747-7855 * Fax:855-743-7355

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee provided within 30 calendar days from delivery.